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The Ethiopian Maritime Training Institute (EMTI S.C.) is a private company established to provide professional maritime training for Ethiopian Engineering graduates. Through its elite maritime training program, EMTI has established superior standards for selecting and training its Cadets to become world class Marine Engineers and Electro-Technical officers.
In partnership with Bahir-Dar University (BDU), EMTI S.C. is training more than 500 Marine Engineering and Electro Technical Officers annually, and this number will increase to more than 1,000 officers annually. EMTI S.C. training center is located on Lake Tana shore in Bahir-Dar of the Amhara region. The Maritime Academy’s training program, certification and assignment arrangements fully comply with international standards and regulations such as Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping (STCW). EMTI candidates must obtain a 5-year university degree in mechanical or electrical engineering and successfully complete university level courses in English. 

Through its collaboration with the EMA Ethiopian Manning Agency GmbH (EMA), EMTI also facilitates the employment of its graduates with world renowned shipping companies.

We are looking for the following positions:

1)  Chief Engineer Instructor

2)  Marine Electrical Technology Instructor

3)  Marine Electronics & Communication Instructor

4)  Instrumentation & Automation Instructor

5)  Mechanical Instructor

6)  Electrical/Electronics/Automation Demonstrator

7)  Deck Instructor

8)  Welding/Fitting Instructor

If you meet any of our faculty requirements (as above) then please do not hesitate to send your CV to Capt. Siddharth Agnihotri, Commandant (SAgnihotri@emticorp.com). 

For more info, please visit our website www.emticorp.com

We pay competitive salaries in US Dollars and cover all your expenses to, from and within Bahir Dar including housing, meals, laundry, transport etc. We offer 4 months on / 1 month off assignments in the Academy and the company pays for reasonable flights home. The climate in Ethiopia is fantastic year round with no requirement for air conditioning or heating. The people are very soft spoken, friendly and well mannered.

Further details of your terms and conditions shall be discussed once you have been shortlisted for the assignment.

Email-id : SAgnihotri@emticorp.com

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