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Zebec Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.

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Job Description:

Applications are invited from candidates that meet the following criteria:

Job brief
We, Zebec Marine Services Pvt Ltd a company primarily engaged in Marine cargo surveying, PNI jobs and Port
Captaincy, are looking for a Master Mariner to be based at Mumbai.
Your responsibilities involved with following activities
  •  Working as Port Captain for loading and discharging steel and project/Bulk cargoes, coal, log and any other Dry / wet cargoes.
  • Liaising with ship staff and local port officials for safe operation while loading or discharging of cargo taking into account of operational limitation, operational hazards, environmental safety and policy of port and company.
  • ​ Marine PNI attendance for investigations for damage and accidents surveys on behalf of Protective andInsurance organisations or their local correspondents.
  • Cargo related surveys – dry and liquid.
  • Inspections for cargo gear and accessories including investigations for related damages on behalf of the
Protective and insurance clubs / Charterers / Owners / Stevedores or as independent surveyor

Minimum One year command experience is desirable.

As per market standards
Contact Details:

Capt Ranjan Mookherjee, Director
Zebec Marine Services Pvt Ltd
28/203, Tarvotti Bhavan, 2nd Floor,
P. D’Mello Road, Fort, Mumbai‐400001
Tel: +91‐22‐2264 4533/4528 H/P: +91‐9619955635
Emai: phd@zebecmarine.com; mail@zebecmarine.com ; rjm@zebecmarine.com
Website: www.zebecmarine.com

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