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Technical Superintendent


Job Description:

1.    Required Technical Superintendent at our Mumbai office.
  •  Responsibilities & Duties: Coordinate all operations and technical matters. Make sure everything will be completed based on company policies, rules and regulations and industry standards. Control and monitor oil quality and equipment on board. Regularly check the log books and update if needed. Order and restock supplies if needed .Maintain the health and safety on the vessel according to XT guidelines. Systematically monitors the effectiveness of verification and inspection activities within his / her department and within the fleet. Regular inspection of the hull, machinery, electrical equipment as registered in the PMS system and marked by the class/flag state requirements. Inspection of the assigned vessels, according to QA forms. Monitor their condition and summarize this. Analyze inspection reports. Evaluate repair quotations (best quality of work/cost relation), while taken into account the itinerary of the vessel and the charterer party obligations. Process and save documentation and correspondence related to New Building (new vessel construction/management/purchase) in SP. Shall be responsible for ensuring safe and correct working conditions onboard and in the office.
  • Marine Chief Engineer STCW III/2 (<3000KW)
  • Minimum of two (2) years' experience as C/E on vessels size  GT>10000
  • Minimum 1 year sailing experience as C/E on tankers
  • Worked as Technical Superintendent / Marine Superintendent / Vetting / QA / Inspector for at least 1 year
 Interested candidates please apply by email to anil@xt-india.com

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