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d'Amico Ship Ishima India Pvt.ltd.

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Travel Executive


Job Description:

Department : Travel 
Location :  Mumbai India  
Roles : Support  
We are looking out for a Travel Executive for our organization who can handle all travel related duties 
Job Description:  
  • To apply various type of visa of the joiners so as to carry out crew change at various port. 
  • To arrange visa on arrival for the joiners. 
  • To coordinate with branch offices to apply various visas. 
  • To arrange appointments of the joiners with various consulates at various centers.     
  • To arrange crew change in various ports in India. 
  • To arrange economical domestic flights for candidates who are attending various courses in Mumbai. 
  • To arrange transport for the candidate who are traveling from other centers & attending various types of course in mumbai. 
  • To assist Travel Coordinator to carry crew change  
  • Major handled visas are USA (C1/D, B1/B2 for Superintendent & Supernumerary) Netherlands, Belgium, France, Uk, Australia, Korea, China, Thailand, Canada Egypt. 
  • At least 2 years of experience in Shipping industry & similar activities 
  Interested applicant can email your cv to recruit.in@damicoishima.com

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